Edinburgh & District Motorcycle Action Group


Edinburgh MAG Meetings - not currently running

The Auld Hoose, 25 St Leonards St, Edinburgh EH8 9QN
2nd Monday of the month
8pm for 8.20pm start

West Lothian and 2nd Edinburgh MAG meetings

The Bridge Inn, 27 Baird Road, Ratho EH28 8RA
3rd Tuesday of the month
8pm for 8.20pm start

At the above meetings you can find out what is going on with regard to legislation that might affect you in Scotland, the UK or throughout Europe. As a local group we can take the lead from MAG UK or decide what action needs to be taken by us at a local level. These are the mainstays of where campaigns are born, demo runs organized... also where we go about planning the rally (volunteers always welcomed), Easter Egg and other runs, Rock Nights, website updates and all manner of things get decided. It is the place to bitch if you think we are rubbish, and also the place to make a positive difference and contribute your own ideas and get things going to make Edinburgh - and Scotland - MAG better. We are currently too few in dedicated numbers and to make everything happen that we would love to have happen, so come along and throw your lid in the ring. You don't have to be a MAG member to make your views heard or to make things happen, although it helps!

If you can't attend but want to tell us something good or bad, contact your webmistress. She is a big, cuddly, internet momma and she can take the flamebait or praise and turn it into somethin' guid or even better.