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Whether you are a MAG member or not you can still do your bit for all motorcyclists - aye, that includes YOU!

Listed below are issues that affect motorcyclists throughout the UK. In Scotland there are 32 local authorities, all making independent decisions, so writing to your own MP can make a difference that folks in other regions can't do for you, especially in the Get a Grip! campaign. Write a letter or an email and let them know it's important to you and everyone else who might ride the roads in your area.

Now You See Us? MAG Central MAG are holding a set of demo runs on August 23rd in protest against the light sentencing handed out to car drivers in cases involving bikers killed or seriously injured.
The Scottish demo, one of 7 nationwide, is being held in Glasgow. Meeting in the Great Western Retail Park, just off the A82 Great Western Road, for departure some time after 12pm.

Great Western Retail Park
Allerdyce Road
G15 6RX

Route is not settled and will depend on the numbers involved, but to the likes of Kelvingrove Park.
A flyer with more information can be found here.
Glasgow MAG website and
Facebook pages.
Edinburgh - Waverley Bridge Parking Bay Edinburgh & District MAG Edinburgh Council is seeking to have the Secure Bike bay on the East side of Waverley Bridge to the South of the Waverley South ramp (Area G in the plan) converted to pavement.
We have until 15th November to lodge formal objections to the proposal, outlined in RSO/13/11, and we need as many objections to this as possible. The bay is heavily used by bikers and is frequently used by those travelling on by train. Alternative sites in Calton Road are not secure either by design or location and while parking in the NCP New street car park is possible, posted charges are prohibitive being on par with those of cars.
A flyer with more information can be found here.
The original Council documents (dry reading) can be found in this zip file.
EU Super MOT Edinburgh & District MAG In support of the campaign against the European Unions proposals for changes to the motorcycle roadworthiness testing (MOTs in the UK) we are organising a local MOT Test Centre Run.
MAG Netherlands and MAG Belgium are organising a protest ride to Brussels on the 22nd September, however in the UK, as MAG has been working on this with various groups and authorities for a while now, 'ride-ins' are being organised to MoT centres to raise awareness of the new proposals and offer information and support.
Current proposed start point for the Edinburgh run is Saltire Suzuki at midday on Saturday 22nd September, then working our way around a few of the other dealers/workshops/MOT centers. Please check back closer to the time, or keep an eye on Facebook.
Further details on the EU Super MOT/Roadworthiness Test can be found on MAG Centrals Super MoT threatens higher costs and restrictions campaign page.
Edinburgh Greenways (Bus Lanes) Edinburgh & District MAG After a number of delays, TfL has decided to make motorcycle access to bus lanes permanent.
So we will be picking this topic up again locally.
EU Hands Off Biking! update MAG Central After the success of last years demo runs, it's coming up time to re-inforce the message. The date is Sunday 24th June and a different approach is being taken this time, with 12 start points, 1 for each constituency. The date was set nationally and unfortunately coincides with both the Knockhill BSB round as well as the Royal Highland Show, which has led to policing issues.
The Scottish run will be starting at 1PM from Cheapside Street, off Anderston Quay, central Glasgow, heading towards Edinburgh via the M8, following all road regulations and traffic laws. A rolling dispersal after M8 J3 will be used as no designated finishing point is available. Please see the Info page for more details.
Please also see MAG's EU Hands off Biking demo page and the campaign Facebook page for more info behind the reasons for the demo and how its being run. More of the bike press are coming on board so you should hear more about this as we get closer to it.
EU Hands Off Biking! update MAG Central The following was sent out by MAG UK Campaigns Manager Paddy Tyson to the mag-uk-nc-list mailing list:
The crucial committee stage vote by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Comittee (IMCO), into the Type Approval Regulation, has been postponed yet again, to the 5th December.
MAG welcomes the fact that so much attention is being paid to this piece of legislation, at Committee stage, after the many, many months of lobbying by MAG and FEMA and every one of you who've written a letter to your MEP.
It shows that the lobbying tactics are working and the postponement comes as no surprise as the vote date had already been postponed several times and we had said this further delay was always a real possibility.
This delay, as the 305 tabled amendments continue to be discussed, means that the Plenary Session vote, or vote by the whole European Parliament, will now be pushed back to the Spring.
You may remember that a complaint against the Commission was upheld earlier in the year by the European Ombudsman, that the Commission had failed to provide sufficient evidence for its proposals on Anti-Tampering and Automatic Headlights On, and we have discovered today that the Commission has failed to provide any further supporting evidence.
These two events exonerate MAG's position that much of the TA Regulation is il-conceived and highlights the difficulties that our politicians face if they choose to support some of the Commission's more outlandish ideas.
The battle goes on, and I'm really thankful to all of you for completing the recent UK consultation document, which all adds support to our cause and to our National Government, who are continuing to negotiate on our behalf, at 'Council' stage, negotiations that run alongside the 'Committee' stage.
Regards Paddy
25th Sept - Action Now! EU Hands Off Biking! MAG Central A National Co-ordinated Day of Action using the Nation's motorway and main trunk routes is planned for 25th September at 1pm. Simultaneous action across the country, only requiring at least an hour of your time. See 25th Sept - Action Now! EU Hands Off Biking! for more info from MAG Central. Sites will be updated with further details as we get them. If you want to help out on the organising side please use our contacts page.

Local start points from 1pm are: Harthill services M8 (Eastbound), Stirling Services M9, Kinross services M90, Hamilton M74 - official XXL T shirts 5 on sale to wear over your jackets, 40-45mph riding speed, heading towards Edinburgh. For those wishing to extend their run, the groups may continue in to and around the A720 city bypass, though this is not compulsory - see you there!
A map of start points can be found here.

Great turn-outs at all locations, thanks to all who took part, sorry some were a bit disorganised (dead batteries and late arrivals), we were also caught out a bit by the numbers attending! Some reports can be found here, and video from the M8 run, and others, can be found here.
Riders Are Voters (RAV) MAG Central The Riders Are Voters campaign aims to give the UK's motorcycle and scooter riders the best chance in decades to really influence political opinion so that riders start to get a fair deal from local and national government. Who to contact
Get a Grip! MAG Central A campaign to have slippery manhole covers etc. covered over by a grippy substance that doesn't lose it as it wears down. We'd also like to see that grippy surfacing stuff applied a bit further on bends - at least until your two-wheeler straightens up. Who to contact
Edinburgh Greenways (Bus Lanes) Edinburgh & District MAG Motorcyclists are more vulnerable in heavy traffic than other motorised road users. Being allowed to use Greenways, as two-wheelers are in many other parts of the country, would make commuting a lot safer. See also the demo photos in the Gallery
Edinburgh Parking Bays Edinburgh & District MAG Success! A motion proposed by Edinburgh City Council to reduce the number of solo/mcc parking bays was reversed following a demo run in autumn 2010. The demo was well-attended and let those in control know we exist and we care. And vote. Lids off to everyone who attended, we hope to see more of you lend your support to future demos. BTW scooter and moped dudes, us hairy dudes were pleased to see you, come over and say hello next time!