Edinburgh & District Motorcycle Action Group

Edinburgh & District Motorcycle Action Group

Due to general lack of attendance, the Edinburgh meetings, normally held on the second Monday of the month at The Auld Hoose, will probably no longer be held. If you have some view on this please let us know.

West Lothian meeting: third Tuesday of the month at The Bridge Inn, Ratho.

The Now You See Us? campaign included a demo run in Glasgow on 23rd August, some photos are in the Gallery pages.

The Motorcycle Action Group aims to promote and protect the rights of all members of the 'open air' motoring fraternity, whether you ride a motorcycle, scooter, moped, trike or quad.

We hope to bring together the motorcycling community of Scotland - and the UK - in a spirit of friendship and cooperation, and of course provide an opportunity to engage in nerdy bike talk.

New members are always welcome, so if you are thinking of joining MAG please click here, alternatively you can contact us or check out our meetings page, where you can find details of where to come along and have a beer, contribute to a healthy debate and have good laugh (often at at the expense of the committee members). If, in addition, you can help with organising events or have ideas for new events, so much the better. Experienced members of the group are happy to give guidance and support if you need it.

If you are a MAG-friendly trader and would like to benefit from the patronage of MAG members, or would like to advertise on our site, we'd love to hear from you.

For your information...

  • Joint West Lothian and Edinburgh meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at the Bridge Inn, Ratho.
    Edinburgh meetings have been suspended, but used to be held on the second Monday of the month at The Auld Hoose, Edinburgh.
    Glasgow meetings are held on the first Monday of the month.
  • MAG can now take payment for memberships via direct debit. Renewals via direct debit are currently at the pre-rise rate, and will not come into effect until the original renewal date, so not losing any membership. More info at MAG Centrals Join MAG page.
  • We are involved in campaigns on local issues, currently the Bridge Too Far demo, and recently secure bike parking bays, access to Greenways, the EU Hands off Biking demo and the Now You See Us? campaign. More info on our Events and Campaigns pages.
  • Current National campaigns are listed on the MAG UK website, including more on the EU Hands off Biking demo, bus lane access, bike test fiasco, and putting pressure on diesel spills and pothole repairs
  • We also support National and European campaigns
  • A video presented by MAG UK President Ian Mutch can be found on YouTube, which gives some background to some of the campaigns that MAG has been involved in, including the 'swerve test', which the aforementioned Mr Mutch attempted recently (a short clip can be seen at Mutch Motorcycle Test)
  • We are also here to publicise and organize social nights/drinks and fun with like-minded people
  • Facebook: there are pages for MAG UK, MAG Scotland and Edinburgh locally
If we have missed anything that you'd like to see or you want to report a broken link please tell the webfolks.